Why Is the School so Cold?

Amelia Westfall, Staff Reporter

Everyone knows that Lakes is freezing. Everyone is so cold, and no one seems to know why that is. The weird thing is, the school is actually much warmer than it seems.

When the outside air temperature is 40.2 °F, the school’s average inside temperature is 72.3°F. For some perspective, room temperature, or the inside temperature that is considered comfortable by most people, ranges from 72 to 76°F.

So why does the school seem so much more cold than it is? One of the reasons may be due to your frame of reference. The temperature of the school changes from hall to hall. On the second floor, the south hallway (physics) is 72.0°F whereas the north hallway (chemistry) is 72.4°F. The coldest place of all is in the stage & back stage area, which has a temperature of 69.0°F. The hottest place is in the large gym near the activity entrance which has a temperature of 73.8°F. That is 4.8°F difference between the two places. So, if you’re going from a warmer part of the school to a colder place of the school, then you will obviously feel colder since your body is losing heat.

Out of curiosity, the cafeteria is 73.3°F, choir and band hallway is 72.2°F, the auditorium is 70.7°F, the cardio room is 73.4°F, and the library is 72.4°F.