Lemon Vs Cucumber Water

Rachael Speck, Feautures Editor

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Many people enjoy lemon or cucumber in their water. There are multiple benefits for each to help people with their body and health. Lemon water promotes weight loss, it reduces insulin resistance and body fat in certain individuals. It’s also supposed to suppress the appetite to help prevent weight gain. Lemon water promotes healthy digestion, using warm water and lemons can help alleviate stomach pain and help digestion. Lemon water is a good source of Vitamin C, and lemon water overall can help with promoting good skin. Helps with clearler and brightening the skin. Cucumber water also has its benefits. Cucumber water is a good source of antioxidants. Cucumber water is also a good source of vitamin K, Vitamin K helps the body to create proteins that are necessary for blood clotting as well as building strong bones. ┬áCucumber water helps alleviate bloating, and finally it helps reduce blood pressure levels.