Snow Days: Fact or Fiction

Put the Rumors to Rest and Learn How D117 Makes Weather-Related Cancellations, Such As Snow Days


Adam Hartzer, Editor-in-Chief

Over the past several weeks, Lakes Community High School has had a significant amount of days that resulted in school closing due to heavy snowfall, extreme temperatures, and dangerous ice storms. Since the start of the semester, LCHS has already implemented two late-start schedules in response to dangerously cold and icy mornings. Additionally, school was closed for three days due to snow and brutal wind chills – all within one week!

With all these recent closures, students have had many conversations that oftentimes lead to debates over how the school district actually goes about making these decisions. After speaking with Lakes Principal, David Newbery we uncovered the truth to combat those rumors!


There are “built-in” days to the original district calendar each year.


“We build four days into the end of the calendar each year for make-up days,” according to Lakes Principal David Newberry.   



There’s a “maximum number” of snow days that we are allowed to have as a school.


“I do not think so, however, you can apply to the state to not make up days if there are special circumstances for missing,” Newberry explains.



Every snow day is required to be made up at the end of the year.


“The state requirement is a minimum of 175 days a year of school and each day needs to be a minimum of 300 minutes.  You need to make up any days missed unless you are approved for special circumstances.”



Seniors don’t have to make up snow days/cold days.


Mr. Newberry explained that seniors are not required to make up the days missed from inclement weather due to the set date of graduation.



Graduation will be moved if we have a certain amount of snow days.


“I do not believe there is any set number [of days],” Newberry mentions. However, “If something extreme happened I am sure we would adjust these dates.”



The school district talks with other local districts in order to make a final decision.


“We normally talk as a leadership team before the other districts are involved in the conversation.  After the conversation between districts, our decision is made. Normally we are in line with other districts in the area.  We try to make the decision before 5 AM; however, we like to have it out as soon as possible,” Newberry states.


So there you have it, Eagles! Stay warm and be safe on the roads this winter! Be sure to follow Talon Times on all social media platforms @talontimes for the latest updates on school closing information.