Artist You Should Know: Boy Pablo

Carmen Martinez, A&E Editor

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Releasing two EPs within the last two years, Boy Pablo is quickly rising in the music scene with numerous features on popular Spotify playlists such as “Bedroom Pop” and “Indielandia”. The norweigin Indie pop-rock band has already gathered millions of streams with over 19 million on their top hit “Everytime”, and have gathered international attention with their viral squinty eyed music video.

Creating some perfect tunes to dance around and forget about your problems, the 19 year-old musician creates and produces his own music in his bedroom in Norway. While most of his songs are written about unrequited teenage love, they also contain other meanings. For example, another one of his top hits “Sick Feeling” sounds like a love song but is in fact about having to let go of playing FIFA on his playstation.

Boy Pablo is undeniably rising in the music scene as he continues to complete international tours and festivals. The artist is even scheduled to perform at the popular music festival, Coachella on April 14th and 21st. Whether its his dreamlike sounds or charming serenades, Boy Pablo is guaranteed to be your next indie obsession.