Studying for Finals



Carmen Martinez, A&E Editor


Finals season is here and so is the stress that naturally accompanies it. Reviewing all of the material from the entire semester can seem like a daunting task, but with some effective study methods you can ace all of your finals.

  • Study Guides:
    • While this might seem redundant, study guides are essential for reviewing. They contain information that is catered towards the material that will be on the final and contain information from the beginning of the year to the very end. They’ll also help for creating flashcards!
  • Visuals (Charts/Diagrams):
    • An excellent way to test your knowledge on a subject is to create a chart or picture. Write down the information you already know and you’ll be able to see the areas you need to study in and fill in the blanks until you can draw it on your own.
  • Study Groups:
    • A great way to get your questions answered and even test your knowledge is by explaining the material to others. Relaying information out loud can be extremely helpful with memorization.
  • Create a Schedule:
    • Studies have shown that you retain more information through long term studying rather than cramming. Planning times to study throughout the week can give you more time to review and you’ll feel more prepared. Set a timed schedule with regular breaks to help you stay focused!

Remember that one test grade does not define you and that you have the ability to ace all your finals. Good luck and happy holidays!