Preschool Family Night


Rachael Speck, Features Editor

On Friday October 26, FCCLA hosted a fundraiser at Lakes. The fundraiser consisted of a family night! Parents were allowed to bring their kids ages one to 11 years old, to Lakes to have Mrs. Harrington and other high schoolers who volunteered to have their kids watched while the parents went out for a fun evening. Family night consisted of fun games in the gym, a parachute, scooter racing, and then in the preschool room the kids played with toys. The kids experienced a fun time with their high school friends. The kids each got a snack time and for dinner they had grilled cheese, cooked by Mrs. Schneider, Ms. Garbutt, and the preschoolers high school friends. This event went from 4:30PM until 8:30PM. The kids had a blast and the parents all enjoyed their night out.