Taking Care of Small Pets

Small Animals Make Perfect Pets, but It's Important to Give Them a Healthy Life.

Amelia Westfall, Staff Reporter

Small animals can be extremely smart and social creatures when given the right care and attention. In order to maintain a healthy life for your small pets, make sure you observe the following steps.

  • Do your research. Long before you even adopt a pet, you must put in strenuous amounts of research to ensure you have everything you need to give your small animals a happy life. Make sure you make a checklist of everything you need, and that you understand what steps to take to fulfill your pet’s needs.
  • Make sure your small pets have enough space. Unlike bigger animals, your small pets will be confined to a cage for most of their lives. Although a cage is absolutely a necessity, it would be inhumane to imprison your pets to too small of a living environment. They need adequate space to run and play. Look into how much space your specific pet needs.
  • Many small animals, such as gerbils need a furry friend! When purchasing gerbils and other animals such as this, buy two. Check your resources to learn the amount and specific details of how many pets you need to adopt.
  • Keep their living space clean. When caring for any animal, make sure to give them fresh, clean water daily and meet their nutritional needs as often as recommended. Also, make sure you clean their cage every week or so (depending on the animal and veterinary recommendation).
  • Keep track of their health. Most small animals rarely make veterinarian visits, but it’s still essential to watch over their health to insure they’re not sick. Check to see if they have any injuries or if they are starting to lack injuries. Any obvious signs that something is wrong should be looked into.

Have fun and be safe with your pets!