Tips For When Studying

Kelly Scheuring, Editor-in-Chief

Music – Some can or cannot study with music but others think it helps. When studying with music, you can either listen to it in the background or have it loud. Listening to music with slower and softer tones could be less distracting instead of loud and chaotic beats. If you use Spotify, there are pre-made studying playlists, check them out next time you are studying or doing homework.

Location – When studying make sure you are comfortable. Studying at your house is nice because you are used to that area but venture out! Many people will go to coffee shops,cafes, and even libraries. These places are usually fit with outlets and wifi to let people work. Try out different places, find what’s right for you!

Clothing – A lot of times, just what your wearing can affect how you study. If you’re wearing uncomfortable clothes it could throw off your mind to just think about that and not what you should be working on. Throw on your favorite shirt and comfy pants and you’re set to get your study on!

Lighting – Not many people think of lighting affecting their studying but it could! If you’re in an environment with harsh lighting, it could make you not feel comfortable. Go somewhere you know has a lot of natural lighting or even somewhere you know has warm and cozy lighting.