Summer Festivals


Photo Courtesy of Ticket King

A view from the Sky Glider at Summerfest in Milwaukee.

Kelly Scheuring, Editor-In-Chief


Ravinia is in Highland Park and is North America’s oldest music festival, stands as the most musically diverse, presenting 140 different events throughout the summer. Concerts range from well known artists like Jason Mraz to The Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Ravinia offers either seating in the stage area or lawn seating. If you were to choose lawn seating you are able to bring your own chairs, food, blankets, etc. They want you to make yourself as comfortable as possible to enjoy the concert! Concerts span from Friday, June 1 all the way to Sunday, Sept 16. Feel free to kick back and relax and enjoy the music.


Summerfest is the World’s Largest Music Festival that spans the days of June 27 to July 8. This festival features many different artists in all different genres of music. There are 13 stages, the most well-known artist usually performs at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater which has stage seating and lawn seating as well. Summerfest is right on Lake Michigan which allows many people to bring their boats and hangout. There’s many different food stands, the skyglider which is located high above the main walkway which allows passengers to see the scenic area of Summerfest. Summerfest has a great and alive atmosphere, there are many things to do while you’re there.


Lollapalooza is a four day from Thursday, August 2 to Sunday, August 5, festival with over 50 artists featuring Bruno Mars, Post Malone, The Weeknd, etc. It takes place in the heart of Chicago, Grant Park. Many people travel far and wide to see the list of artists that perform; people as well will stay in hotels near Grant Park to have less travel time. This festival is full of energy and an amazing atmosphere where everyone and anyone can enjoy!