Starbucks Summer Drinks

Rachael Speck, Opinions Editor

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It’s that time of the year folks. Summer time, introducing Starbucks new lovely drinks. First let’s start off with the blended ice drinks called frappuccinos. The most popular one is the new Ultra caramel frappuccino. This new sweet drink is made with the new ultra caramel syrup which tastes delicious, also made with cold brew whip cream which gets put at the bottom of the cup and the top. Cold brew whip cream has a kick of caffeine and will have you running to want more. This frappuccino is made with coffee and whole milk. This drink is great for summer.

Starbucks also has the triple mocha frappuccino. This is a blended drink as well made with the cold brew whip. The triple mocha is made for chocolate lovers because it sure is chocolatey. For the most part these drinks are the most popular for the summer time but if you don’t like frappuccinos you can never go wrong with a nice refresher which is filled with caffeine and will blow your mind on how good they taste. Starbucks offers the Strawberry Acai, Very Berry Hibiscus, and the Lime refresher. These refreshers are a green tea coffee extract that tastes like tea. The refreshers are super refreshing and don’t have as many calories as those frappuccinos. Summertime is the best time.