4 Best Summer Jobs

Rachael Speck, Opinions Edior

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Babysitting– If you like kids this is a great way to make easy money. Ask your local neighbors or friends and families if you could watch and entertain their kids for some money. This job is great for college students when they come home from college for the summer. Even if you don’t like kids you could even animal sit. For instance, maybe a dog or a cat.

Camp Counselor– If you like kids this could be another great option for teenagers. Being a camp counselor is a great way to get exercise and spend time outside playing with kids. It might not be the best paying job but it sure is easy.

Working at a local ice cream shop– If you love ice cream and summer this could be a perfect match for you. You could serve people all day and create their ice cream. You could possibly even eat the ice cream if your lucky.

Working at  local coffee shop– This could be a great job if you love coffee or even if you don’t. It’s a great job to meet people and still have fun while serving customers. You could even work  at Starbucks if you would like to become a barista.