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Prom Alternatives

Anna Polak, Staff Reporter

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  1. Go to Chicago with friends.

Lucky for us, we live only an hour away from the city of Chicago; meaning, instead of prom, you and a group of friends can drive, or take the train downtown. Chicago has many attractions, such as Navy Pier, where you can ride the ferris wheel and get a birds-eye-view of Chicago. Some other options are the Sugar Factory, where you get to pick from their selection of big goblet drinks, or go shopping, if you want something a bit more low key.

2.) Go to Wisconsin Dells with friends.

For some people, a waterpark is more appealing than prom, so instead of going to prom, you and all your friends can pool together the money that you had saved for a dress, and stay overnight at a waterpark. This is a fun, simple thing to do, if you just want to bond with a small group of friends.

3.) Go to a concert.

Instead of going to prom, where you are going to have to wear an uncomfortable dress and high heels, attend a concert with friends instead. If you go to a concert, you will for sure get to listen to music you want to hear, and you won’t have to worry about your hair falling out.

4.) Attend a sports game.

Maybe concerts aren’t for you, but if you are a die-hard sports fan, spend the money you will have left over, and watch your favorite sports team in person. Sports games are more lowkey, and definitely a good recommendation if you want to spend the night with a few good friends.

5.) Go out to a nice dinner with friends.

Instead of prom, you can make dinner reservations to a nice restaurant with a few friends. This is a good, quiet environment to spend some quality time with your friends before you depart for the summer.

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