The Start of The Eder Era

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The Start of The Eder Era

Jordan Eder has coached at Grant, Carmel, Round Lake and Antioch, totaling seven years of previous coaching expereince.

Jordan Eder has coached at Grant, Carmel, Round Lake and Antioch, totaling seven years of previous coaching expereince.

Griffin Quinn

Jordan Eder has coached at Grant, Carmel, Round Lake and Antioch, totaling seven years of previous coaching expereince.

Griffin Quinn

Griffin Quinn

Jordan Eder has coached at Grant, Carmel, Round Lake and Antioch, totaling seven years of previous coaching expereince.

Stephen Gerrits, Sports Editor

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After the resignation of long time head football coach Luke Mertens, a vacancy opened up to be the new coach for Lakes Community High School’s competitive and established program. The search for a new coach didn’t take the committee far at all, rather it took them across town to Antioch Community High School where they came across Jordan Eder.

Eder will be taking the helm of the Lakes football program effective immediately. He plans to build upon the success of the program while building onto it with his own ideas.

A third generation graduate from District 117, Eder’s family has always lived in the area. His upbringing has made a job like this ideal for him.

“My whole childhood is two miles down the road. I’m a Lindenhurst guy, my entire family is from Lindenhurst,” Eder said. “Growing up it was important for me always to come back to this town and kind of make my mark and have the opportunity to make a difference, and I thought that this was the perfect platform, perfect time and perfect opportunity to make that happen.”

Before applying for this new job as football coach and physical education teacher, Eder has had several years to build up his experience with various programs.

“I’m finishing my second year being an assistant coach and teaching now over at Antioch High School and before that I was two years at Round Lake High School where I was the head football coach,” Eder said.

Going into an unfamiliar location and instilling your ideas on a new group of people is hard. Luckily for Eder, this is not the case.

“I think it’s going to be a pretty smooth transition and that’s what I’m excited about. I know the district, I know the school and the program from coaching in the district all those years,” Eder said. “I know the remaining coaching staff personally, so I think that’s going to be a smooth transition in terms of the staff coming together.”

Eder will not be taking any time to ease into his new role. He wants to start making his mark and implementing his style as soon as possible.

“Being the middle of May, that’s what is really exciting. I think we can get going and get to work right away because we have a lot to do in the next four weeks,” Eder said.

For the athletes who will be returning next year, Eder wants to make sure he sets the tone early for them to know what he is all about.

“They’re going to know right away, I’m genuine, I’m here for them and establish that trust right away. You know I care about them and that’s what I’m here for, for their experience and to give them the best experience they could possibly have at Lakes,” Eder said. “We are going to continue the culture and the work ethic that has been built here which is second to none in my opinion.”

This goal is evident in the acronym that he will be bringing to the program which is similar to the “UNCOMMON” of the past.

“We are going to go a new direction. I want to put my spin on things being the new head coach, so it will be A.C.E. from now on,” Eder said. “That is attitude, character and enthusiasm. The idea behind that is that it is not football related it is life related. They’re the three things you control everyday in your mind and that’s the outlook that we want to have in football, at practice, in class, at home with mom and dad or out in the community.”

Total buy-in to this philosophy will be important for the on field success according to Eder.

“Starting tomorrow, [my goal] is to instill my outlook and my vision for the program and start working towards that total buy-in from each player. That’s going to be a process but we want to get that done,” Eder said.

As soon as the team rallies behind its purpose then, the football related goals can be achieved.

“Every time we take the field we want to win. We want to get back to the conference championship status and down the road when we get all of our program goals built in that’s when we want to get to that state championship,” Eder said.

Success for the program is not his only goal. Success for the school, the students and his hometown is what he is after.

“We are going to reach out more and to get out in the community, do some community service things. We are going to reach out to our student body, to our other sports and really, the big goal is going to be for us to get that support in the fall, and then give that back throughout the year and tie the whole school, students, community, parents and everybody in and really create an unmatched culture here at Lakes,” Eder said.

Although he is coming from the sister school, and rival to Lakes, Eder is ready to embrace his new student section in the Royal Rush and help bring school spirit to new heights.

“When football is over my goal is to be with the Royal Rush and get the guys that aren’t in those sports to be with the Royal Rush and get the school spirit and the culture back to where it needs to be,” Eder said.

A hometown kid with a passion to make a difference in his community, the new head football coach at Lakes, Jordan Eder, is ready to take off and help the football program soar to the top.

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