Who is Alexia LaSaint?


Photo by Kelly Scheuring

Alexia LaSaint, current Lakes student pursuing her music career.

Kelly Scheuring, A&E Editor

As a young girl, Alexia LaSaint knew her passion was singing. Starting from posting song covers on social media to now recording her very own songs in the studio, she uses her life experiences and emotions to express herself in her songs.

For only having two songs produced at the moment, LaSaint is still widely known around Instagram and Twitter. Having 30.7K followers on Instagram and 28.6K followers on Twitter, the young artist does not consider herself “famous.” Just the idea of being known is really what she likes to hear.

LaSaint tries to keep people updated on her life by posting on Instagram and Twitter. Although, she does not post often, adding to her mystery and keeping everyone on their toes waiting for more.

During 2016, she produced her first song, Stay, posted on Soundcloud. It now has 159.9K listeners. This song was recorded with just a piano, giving it an “in the moment” recording vibe. As this song came out, she posted it all over social media, which many people then listened to and loved what she was producing.

In December of 2016, she went to a studio to record her newest song, Somebody New, which features a more upbeat, yet relaxed vibe. Recording in a studio was new for LaSaint and was different from what she normally does, but she became accustomed to it right away.

“It feels like home to me. It’s so comforting, and the people I’m around make me feel like they’re family,” LaSaint said.

Since LaSaint is moving up in the music industry, more and more people are getting to know who she is and what she does. It makes her feel good about what she is producing and how it is affecting other people.

“When I’m out in public sometimes, I’ll have young people come up to me and be excited to see me,” LaSaint said.

As she continues her career, LaSaint and her team are planning to make an album, although unsure how soon. She plans to keep pushing herself to make more music in the limited time she has, juggling school and her career at the same time.

Singing and music has always been her dream and always will be, according to LaSaint. She plans on pursuing her music career well into the future.