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Belated Valentines Day Gifts

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Belated Valentines Day Gifts

Katy Peters

Katy Peters

Katy Peters

Katie Peters, Staff Reporter

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Forgot to get your special someone something for Valentine’s Day? No worries! It’s not too late to give a gift to your significant other to show your love and appreciation for them. There are many inexpensive, thoughtful options that you can give, even if you are a few days late.

  1. Letters

Write a heartfelt letter explaining what you love about your special someone and your favorite

memories the two of you share that they can read whenever they want a reminder of you.

  1. Open When…

Specific letters pertaining to certain emotions such as “Open When You Want to Smile” or “Open When You Want to Know Why I Love You” are sincere and inexpensive; your significant other can open them whenever they want to read something heartfelt from you.

  1. Date Idea Jar

Running out of movies to watch on Netflix with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Write date ideas on popsicle sticks and put them in a jar to pull out on days when you both want to do something new and fun.

  1. Discounted Gifts

Low on cash? Once Valentine’s Day is over, hit the Valentine’s Day section at your local drugstore or Walmart to buy candy and flowers for cheap that will still have the same effect if you were to give it on Valentine’s Day.

Showing appreciation to someone you love doesn’t always have to be reserved to a specific day. Sometimes random acts of kindness are all it takes to show your love to your significant other. It’s the thought that counts, right?

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Belated Valentines Day Gifts