UFC 261 Recap

Jack Engel, Section Editor

UFC 261 has the possibility of going down as one of the most shocking fight cards of all time. The card contained an unusual amount of grossume injuries, from clean leg breaks to knockout punches making these fights impossible not to revisit. However, the brunt of the action started at the beginning of the main card. Here’s a breakdown of the most shocking events from the night: 


Jimmy Crute vs Anthony Smith (Light Heavyweight):  detailed the story between an old vet on the back half of his career ( Anthony Smith) against an up-comer on a two win streak  ( Jimmy Crute). The fight began normally, both sides taking and trading shots, however it became noticeable that Jimmy was taking heavy leg shots. Near the end of the first round Jimmy took a leg that effectively made his left leg completely nonfunctional. Jimmy began the second trying to walk on it but landed fully on his ankle, this was grounds to end the fight, giving the vet Anthony smith a much deserved win. 


Uriah Hall vs Chris Weidman (Middleweight): This was the second time Uriah Hall and Chris Weidman have faced off; the first edition ended with Chris victorious. This fight ended up being the quickest of the night because of its horrific ending. When the fight began Uriah landed a single leg shot right below the knee that snapped Weidman’s leg at an unnatural angle. This strike ended the fight and left the entire stadium in shock at what had just happened. Uriah was unhappy with the win as it was not a full fight, but it reminded the fighters and audience about the danger that comes with being a cage fighter.


Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal (Welterweight): The main event held the second edition of Usman vs Masvidal. Masvidal came in as the heavy underdog and that held true in the fight. In the second round, Usman began to really throw huge shots at Masvidal and landed a big hook on Masvidal’s head knocking him out cold. This was a huge reminder of the welterweight champ’s dominance over his division!