Winter in the Midwest

Jack Murrie, News Editor

Ah the Midwest. A region with gorgeous springs, beautiful summers, cool falls, and deadly winters. Winters in the midwest are deadly all right, and also a major pain to deal with, and I mean a MAJOR pain. One day it will be 50 degrees and sunny and the next day the sidewalks and roads will be covered in ice and frost, which will be all over your car. Major Pain. There’s no warning either, it’s like when your parents wake you up in the morning by ripping off the covers and yelling “Wake Up!”. It hits you and hits you hard, because you have to dress like you are going into the frozen tundra just to get to your car. There’s also no trying to fake out the cold by being quick either; that means no more trips in your shorts and sandals to grab the groceries and no more driveway sprints to grab the garbage bins. 

As a kid, and I’m sure some of you guys have been here too, I used to say that winter was my favorite time of the year. This was because I had no worries as a kid when it snowed, I would grab my buddies and build snow forts, have snowball fights, or hangout inside watching movies with hot chocolate. Well, now that we have grown since then, winter is now a long and treacherous battle of shoveling driveways and sidewalks to unearth your car from the mounds of snow and ice. A Major Pain.