What is 4ocean?

What is 4ocean?

Lilly Hoy

4ocean is a profit charity that takes ocean cleanup and turns it into bracelets that can be worn. All the proceeds go to cleaning up oceans and coastlines. Founded in 2017 by Florida natives Alex Sculze and Andrew Cooper, they have made a name for their organization by wanting to end plastic pollution in the oceans and coastlines. The company’s founders started as two surfers who wanted to clean up the oceans that they surfed in, and now own a company with over two hundred employees.

Each bracelet has a theme specific to an ocean animal or environmental practice. Some featured themes are dolphins, turtles, whales, and even sustainable fishing. Each 4ocean bracelet is made up of a pound of plastic, and on the front of their website they proudly display that as of 2017, they have cleaned 6,919,725 pounds of plastic out of the oceans- and is increasing daily.

The new seahorse themed bracelet recently came out in the beginning of October, and is partnered with Project Seahorse. The partnership helps bring awareness to the dangerous state seahorses could face and according to 4ocean as shown on their website the donation “will help establish marine protected areas, improve national management, regulate global trade, and develop new science that advances seahorse conservation.”

But how do we know if we can trust this website and their products? Their website is Green Circle certified and they have job opportunities all over the coast.

The movement has seen a huge amount of positive feedback and has grown to full time job positions. This company is definitely one to look into and support.