I Know Who Killed JonBenét Ramsey

My Mom Told Me Who Killed Jonbenét Ramsey, but She Denies This Most Likely Because the Government Is Forcing Her to Stay Quiet.

Amelia Westfall

JonBenét Ramsey. Her murder touched the world. She’s been the subject of countless documentaries. Her death has been speculated on even more. Yet no one knows what happened to her.

Sure, some may blame her mother, or her brother, or an intruder. However, these are all speculations. No one knows for sure. Yet I do.

I’ll paint the scene: I was around 3 or 4 perhaps (side-note: I was born in 2002, JonBenét Ramsey, if you did not know, was murdered in 1996, 6 years before I was born.) Several years had pass since her murder, meaning that my mom most likely saw the case on the news several times around ten years earlier and perhaps it had floated to the back of her mind. My mom sat me down and said something to the effect of “don’t eat food that is left out in the open”. She went on to tell me a story. This story was about an unnamed girl, around six years old, who was in her home, relatively alone, when she ate a bowl of pineapple that was sitting on the counter. This pineapple was not hers, she did not know whose it was, but she ate it anyways. Then, two men stepped out of the shadows and killed her. My mom implied that this was through some sort of strangulation, or at least that’s what I’ve always inferred.

A thing about my mom is, although she did lie about what every parent lied about (the existence of the tooth fairy, how it’s illegal to roll your windows down on a highway, etc.), she rarely lied out right to teach me a message. Maybe it was morals, maybe it was due to her lack of creativity, but regardless, she was not one to impose fear tactics based off of a fake anecdote to ensure I did not do something. She usually just tells me not to do a thing, and I blindly obey like any healthy parent-child relationship. When she has to, she does threaten me with corporal punishment, but she rarely makes up a story and lies to me. Therefore, the likelihood this story was an outright lie is very small, and the likelihood that my mom had seen the case of JonBenét Ramsey and remember such a small detail, the remains of pineapple in her stomach, is too much of a coincidence, and besides, my mom has a bad memory.

Now, if you were unaware of the case, here’s what happened: JonBenet Ramsey was a six year old pageant star (which is creepy as heck by the way. Don’t put literal children into a competition that judges on appearance that’s a for sure way to tell a child that their appearance measures their worth.) who died in the early hours of Christmas day 1996. She was home alone with her brother, and her mother later found a ransom note that was super suspicious. The police were called and her father found his daughter dead in the basement. Now, this case is filled with so much tampered evidence and lack of police action that it is insulting to this poor girl whose life was taken away from her too soon.

The thing is, JonBenét’s autopsy found that JonBenét had PINEAPPLE IN HER STOMACH THAT SHE HAD EATEN HOURS BEFORE HER DEATH. You might be like wow what a coincidence that your mother told you about a girl who ate pineapple and then was murdered. But this is not a coincidence. See, JonBenét Ramsey’s parents (both of which did a lot of suspicious things) DID NOT REMEMBER GIVING ANYONE PINEAPPLE. THEY HAD NO IDEA WHERE IT CAME FROM. THEY WERE LITERALLY LIKE “WHAT” BECAUSE THEY DID NOT HAVE ANY MEMORY OF GIVING THEIR CHILDREN PINEAPPLE!!!!!! MEANING SOMEONE ELSE MUST HAVE GOTTEN IT. NO WAY THIS SIX YEAR OLD CHILD WENT TO THE STORE AT MIDNIGHT AND BOUGHT PINEAPPLE!

Therefore, the pineapple part of my mom’s story checks out perfectly. In her story, two men placed the pineapple there as a trap to lure her to the table and kill her. You might be like, two men? Is there any evidence to back this up? To which I say YES! In 2016, around ten years my mom told me this story (therefore this fact was not known to the public at the time so she couldn’t have just seen it on the news), evidence came out to show that there were mixed blood on JonBenét Ramsey’s body, and these blood samples were of two people other than Ramsey herself. This also, at the very least, adds confusion to those who claim that a family member killed her since the DNA of these blood samples were unidentified and the police would have the DNA of family members. Therefore, my mom knows that two men lured JonBenét with pineapple and then strangled her.

As to how my mom figured this out, I have no idea. Every time I bring this up to her, she assiduously denies she told me anything, but that makes no sense since I remember distinctly being told this story because it made slightly afraid of pineapple. Also, how would I, a four year old who couldn’t Google information on anything because I was a child, find out about JonBenét Ramsey and then come up with an entire theory about what happened? I was not a smart four year old. I used to think that if you cut off your ears they would grow back. Thus, I rule out my imagination and know my mom knew what had happened to her. The thing that makes this all the more chilling is the fact that my mom did not outright say who the girl was in her story. She left the girl unnamed, as if my mom just knew of this girl but did not know it was JonBenét. This is crazy since it shows that my mom did not randomly say she knew who killed her, she just knew a story that was seemingly in the headlines of a local newspaper that had little attention. Another thing is my mom once had a vision that her grandmother died and then right after got a phone call saying her grandmother died. Now, I’m not claiming she’s psychic, but she may have had a similar vision of the events that unfolded on December 25th 1996 and always played it off as a weird thing she saw in her dream.

To cap it off, I’m not necessarily saying this is exactly what happened. But I am saying that it’s too much of a coincidence to pass off.