Ingredients for a Cozy Night in


Sam Kveton, Staff Reporter

Fall is here and Winter is approaching, which means those cold, snowy nights are straight ahead of us. Some people look at this gloomy weather as a bad thing, a depressor. Others use the weather to their advantage for an excuse to have a cozy night in. To have the perfect “night in” experience you’re going to need some “ingredients”. Here are the essentials:

Pajamas – Get comfy and cozy, who cares how good you look!

Blankets – Roll yourself into a burrito, make a nest. Blankets are to keep you warm and cozy, and if you’re feeling adventurous grab some pillows and chairs and build a fort!

Entertainment – Full of laughter, horror, heartbreak, drama or whatever you desire. This can be a book, Netflix, a coloring book, knitting, really anything you enjoy doing.

Warm Drink – Tea! Hot chocolate! Apple Cider! They’ll keep you warm from the inside out with a flavor.

Popcorn/Comfort Food – A snack to keep you charged and ready for the next episode.

Cuddle Buddy – Whether it’s a body pillow, your dog or cat, or your significant other this will bring you maximum comfort.

When the weather doesn’t feel like being productive, why should we? Every once in a while you can get overwhelmed and over worked and could use a day off. So stay in and relax for a few hours, you’ve earned it!