A Growing Trend: Instagram Playgrounds

What are They? Who Goes to Them? What is the Purpose?


Photo Courtesy of David Kaminsky NBC News

Friends enjoy a ball pit and pose for a photo together.

Adam Hartzer, Editor-in-Chief

Social media continues to grow and play a greater role in the daily lives of society, and with the increasing trend of “Instagram playgrounds” popping up in urban locations recently, there is more evidence to support this realization.

Instagram playgrounds are appearing in many cities – but what exactly are they? Basically, Instagram playgrounds – or selfie factories, as referred to by others – are popup locations in many cities that house artistic exhibits for photogenic shots to be taken and posted on Instagram.

Photo Courtesy of LA Times
       Person posing for a selfie in a pool of sprinkles at the Ice Cream Museum.

But how much are you willing to pay for your latest Instagram post? For 45 minutes of free selfie fun would you splurge $38? Well, 60,000 people have so far since April of 2018 at the Dream Machine located in New York City, according to NBC News.

Photo Courtesy of Los Angeles Homes
       One of the many exhibits participants can walk through to take unique photos.

For many celebrities, they are jumping on this trend to give their followers something fun and exciting – even if its something as odd as a picture of themselves in a bathtub surrounded by rubber ducks, a colorful ball pit, or a pool filled with sprinkles. For instance, Beyoncé recently visited the Museum of Ice Cream in New York City and San Francisco.

As social media continues to expand, the expansion of these “instagram playgrounds” will, too.