Fall Faves


Sam Kveton, Staff Reporter

From pumpkin spice lattes to bonfires, Autumn is surrounding us with the colors, sights and smells that many people look forward to all year round. Sadly, this wonderful season only comes around once a year, so once a year do people get to share their fall favorites and what’s so great about them. I asked people about what their favorite fall activities or items are, and these were my results;

“Leaves, family and food” – Cheyenne 14

“The changing of the leaves” – Meghan 17

“I love fall, it’s my favorite season, I don’t know, I just kind of like it” – Joey 15

“Pumpkin Spice” – Catherine 15

“Duck hunting” – Anon. 15

“The leaves changing color, it looks so pretty” – Julianne 15

“The smell. It smells like trees, it smells like fall” – Alex 16

“Sweaters” – Kiersten 17

“The colors” – Kaitlyn 14

“The weather” – Melissa 18

“Pumpkin cookies” – Anna 17

“The leaves. I love the colorfulness when you drive” – Madison 17

“All of it” – Aryssa 15

Overall I heard a lot of likes for the Autumn weather and vibrant colors of the leaves. Honestly that’s my favorite part to. Whether your favorite part is the weather or the clothes or the food or even if you’re just waiting for it to be over, we could all stand to take a step back and look at what the Fall season has to offer us.