Netflix Shows to Watch Out For

Carmen Martinez, Staff Reporter

Countless summer nights are bound to be spent binge watching your favorite Netflix shows and Netflix is providing. They plan to release dozens of new shows and movies, guaranteed to keep you hooked all summer long. Mixed with originals and classics, there is something for everyone.


May 30th: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 4)

Season four will add new characters and cover controversial issues.


June 1st: Hold the Dark (Movie)

Based on the 2014 novel, it will follow a man’s quest to track down 3 children who were killed by a wolf.


June 8th: Sense8 Final Episode

The show left viewers with a huge cliffhanger leaving the Netflix to release one final episode to tie the show up.


June 22nd: Marvel’s Luke Cage (Season 2)

Another edition to Marvel television shows, Luke Cage follows the life of of the bulletproof man.


June 23rd: GLOW (Season 2)

The show is set to be a continuation of the GLOW wrestlers and their appearance on the main stage.


July 6th: Sacred Games

The series follows a cops journey to take down a criminal overlord.


August 24th: The Innocents

A sci-fi thriller that centers around teenagers newfound powers.