Tv show review: The Resident

Rachael Speck, Opinions Editor

Calling out to all those fans who may have the hots for doctors, may be highly interested in this show. The resident is a show about Conrad Hawkins AKA (Matt Czuchry) who is an amazing senior resident and an amazing doctor. He takes an a incoming resident named Dr. Devon Pravesh. They both make a great team and save a tons of people’s life. Now this show is not just filled with saving people’s lives it’s also filled with drama. Soon comes in a nurse named Nic Nevin. Now her and Conrad have always had it for each other and they tried for a relationship that didn’t seem to work. Throughout the episodes Nic and Conrad seem to keep trying at a relationship because they both really like each other. And to make this show even more dramatic their is the main surgeon named Dr. Randolph Bell he is the CEO and the chief of surgery. Dr. Bell is not the greatest he actually has a hand tremor that causes him to kill a lot of humans during surgery but he makes other doctors cover for him and lie and come up with an excuse to show that it wasn’t his hand tremor and it was a medical accident. This show is amazing and just has so much to it. If you love hospitals, surgeries, and romance; this is definitely a show for you.