Rant: AP Finals

Mya Pfeifer, Social Media Coordinator

At the end of second semester we’re being hit with AP Exams and finals and the most annoying thing in the world is when AP classes load on those “final tests” which isn’t a final per say, but is an exam going into the test category worth significantly more points about everything over the whole year. That’s by definition a final. I get you’re trying to prepare us for the AP Exam, but why not give us multiple choice practices and not take them for grades that could make or break our final score in the class? And chances are everyone in the class is capable of passing the test, but it’s such an added stress. We literally start drowning at the end of the semester and one of the perks of taking an AP class is that you’re not supposed to take a second semester final. And teachers try to argue that not everyone takes the AP exam so they need to see that everyone learned everything for the whole year, but that’s their own choice to not take the exam. Just because they don’t want to try to get college credit doesn’t mean you need to add stress for all of the people who are trying to get all of the review they can for the exam. It’s a disadvantage to them to not be able to ask their teachers questions that could prepare them for the upcoming exam. End the second semester stress and please follow the no AP final protocol.